Hack for change and solve real world problems!

A 24-hour hackathon themed around making positive change in the world with technology.

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Patti Mikula
Co-Founder & CEO of Hackworks

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John Preston
Associate Dean

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David Potter
Founder of Masters of Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation program

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Kevin Browne
Software Hamilton

Judging Criteria

  • Completeness
    (Out of 3) How ready is the hack? Is it fully functional and looks good? **If your hack isn't complete yet, submit anyways! You could still win**
  • Technical Difficulty
    (Out of 5) How difficult was creating the hack? How interesting is the hack created?
  • Social Impact
    (Out of 12) How much change will the hack bring? Is it solving a real world problem?
  • Originality
    (Out of 5) How original is the hack?